Blended learning

Why blended learning?

Many organisations consider it a challenge to mobilise all their employees for training sessions. That is why we also offer on-line video training and tailor-made manuals, giving your employees the opportunity to learn and acquire the necessary knowledge at a time and place that suits them best.

Integration in eduction planning

At the start of a training program, we will discuss with you which elements require live training, and which employees need to take part. We will also discuss possible elements that might be suitable for a video training, for those employees that are unable to attend the live training sessions. We can also provide tailor-made manuals, as reference sources for your employees.

Video training

When employees work in different geographical locations, or when their activities and positions prevent them from attending the live training, we can develop video training courses for these employees.

These videos will go on-line, in a secure environment, enabling employees to watch them at any moment and at any location. The video training will also contain a test element, to ensure that the knowledge was properly acquired.

We have a fully functional studio (green screen) for the development of these training courses.

Tailor-made manuals

We have been writing about how to use LinkedIn for many years. We have written blog posts, books, e-books and manuals.

The changing nature of LinkedIn, with its new additions, options and layout, requires us to keep writing about these changes.

We can deliver tailor-made manuals for your employees, at a very reasonable price. These can be used as reference materials or as training documentation. The materials can be distributed within your organisation digitally, printed, or even as hard copy.