Combined forces

Linked In Business is a collaboration initiative of Richard van der Blom and Jan Willem Alphenaar. Together they also organize the annual Benelux LinkedIn event.

Both have many years of experience in the field of LinkedIn training and presentations. Their cooperation brings together their unique fields of expertise. Together, and sometimes with the help of some freelancers, they can coordinate and realise any LinkedIn training course.

Richard van der Blom

His background in Sales, Marketing and Recruitment allows Richard to build bridges between the different departments of an organization, and coordinate their LinkedIn use.

Since 2008, he has helped over 200 organizations, in the Netherlands and abroad, to design their LinkedIn strategies; he has trained over 10,000 people.

Richard has been active on LinkedIn since 2005, and is one of the top Dutch authors publishing on and about LinkedIn. He specializes in Social Selling and Social Recruitment training, offering participants insights into how they can use LinkedIn to achieve better results in less time.

Richard is available as a speaker, strategic sparring partner and trainer for your organization; he gets his energy from working on the transformation of your sales and recruitment team into a Social Team that excels at achieving targets through LinkedIn.

Jan Willem Alphenaar

Jan Willem graduated in 1993 as an IT consultant, specialising in the subject of ‘the World Wide Web’. He has been fascinated by all on-line developments that have taken place since 1991. His background in IT, Public Relations, Marketing, Enterprises and Sales has developed into a passion for content marketing and on-line business in all its facets.

He has been inspiring people since 2009, reaching more than 500 groups with his lectures, presentations and training courses. He is active in The Netherlands and abroad.

He has been an avid LinkedIn user since 2005. Jan Willem writes blogs and speaks about the many opportunities this platform has to offer. He does this through in-company training courses, as well as open training training courses. He has published five books about LinkedIn, and he and Richard are considered the top experts on the topic of LinkedIn in the Benelux.

He’s often questioned by the media about LinkedIn developments.